Fundraising Ideas

The most lucrative fundraisers are those planned and implemented by individual families.  Here are some suggestions.

Save Birthday/Holiday Money

 Many times, your friends and family are unsure of what to buy you for birthdays and holidays.  Why not ask for their help in sponsoring your trip? Instead of purchasing a physical gift, they’d be giving you an experience of a lifetime!

Fundraising Websites:  

Explorica provides a fundraising platform on their website.  Once you sign up, you can simply upload a picture and personalize your message.  You can share the website on social media and via email, and easily accept credit card payments from friends and family.  The best part is that ALL of the money goes towards your trip, (no hidden fees!). Here is a link to instructions on how to set up your website.

Garage Sale:  

This is something that could get the whole family involved!  You and your siblings can go through your clothes, toys, games, etc, (with the supervision of your parents, of course!), to be sold in a garage sale.  Additionally, some family/friends may want to help send you on your trip, but cannot offer you money. Perhaps they would be willing to donate items for you to sell in a garage sale!  Be sure to advertise by making/posting signs, andposting on websites like Craigslist and Next Door.  Plan to do this on Friday and Saturday to rake in big bucks!

Grade a Thon:

Students request friends and family to sponsor their grades.  At most schools, students have a grading period every 6 week.  If a student requested $10 for every A, s/he could potentially earn $60 every grading period. Multiply that by the number of sponsors, and the donations add up quickly!  The added bonus is that students would be incentivized to remain focused in school. Make a copy of the hyperlinked document and modify for your needs.


You may already do chores at home, but have you considered asking friends and family if you can help them in return for sponsorship? Consider helping this person in a task that would be valuable and also allow them to save time.  Some ideas include: cleaning out and organizing cabinets or closets, washing cars (inside and out), cleaning bathrooms, cutting grass- the ideas are endless!

Have another idea? 

Please share with me through the contact page and I will include with the others.  


After the trip, be sure to thank your sponsors by doing one or more of the following:

  • Give them a handwritten card, telling them about your favorite places.
  • Print a collage of 2-3 pictures place it in a frame.
  • Make one of your favorite pictures into a postcard and mail it to them.
  • Bring home a small souvenir for them.

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